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RiverWood Bank is an employee-owned and operated bank with 11 locations across central and northern Minnesota.

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Home Equity Loans

Leverage your home's equity to achieve whatever your goals may be!

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Speak with an Employee-Owner
Call us toll-free: 888-751-5120.

24-Hour Banking
When our employee-owners are not available, you can still manage your money through online banking and mobile banking services or by calling the 24-Hour Bankline: 800-749-9606

Lost or Stolen Credit Card
Report any lost or stolen credit card immediately to ensure that you continue to be protected against fraud. Please call to report your card as stolen or lost as soon as you notice it missing: 866-234-4691

Lost or Stolen Debit/ATM Card
We understand that your Debit/ATM card may be your most frequently used card and we want to fix this issue as soon as possible. As soon as you notice your card missing, please contact us at: 888-751-5120.

After hours, please contact the after hours card support line at: 888-297-3416.


Send a Secure Email to RiverWood Bank
RiverWood Bank takes the security and confidentiality of your information seriously. Standard email is not a secure method of communication for confidential information to be shared. Secure Email provides a safe and secure way to send confidential information in an encrypted environment.

When RiverWood Bank sends you a secure email, it is sent to the Secure Message Center where it will be held for you to retrieve. You will receive a standard email notification to inform you that a secure email is waiting. The notification will contain a link to a secure website. Simply click on the link, log into the Secure Message Center, and retrieve the email. Messages you receive expire 14 days from when they are sent. Learn more about RiverWood's Secure Message Center.

Report a Suspicious Email
RiverWood Bank will never send you an email asking you to confirm your account number and/or password. If you receive an email asking to confirm this information, do not reply. If you replied to the email and provided personal information, contact us immediately.

Report Suspicious Email to: