A better way to manage your money!

RiverWood empowers customers to effortlessly handle their budget, stay organized with bill payments, monitor cash flow, and more. With our platform's Insights feature, customers can establish well-defined financial goals, all conveniently integrated into our online/mobile banking experience.


Within our online/mobile banking platform, the spending wheel allows you to visualize your expenditure on bills, entertainment/dining, retail, groceries, and other categories. This feature empowers you to dissect your spending into more precise categories, facilitating a strategic approach to aligning your expenses with your goals.
Establish budgets tailored to achieve your financial objectives. Utilize the Insights feature to not only review your spending history but also receive personalized suggestions to stay aligned with your goals and ensure you remain on the path to financial success.
Establish and monitor goals to propel you towards financial success. Whether it's saving for a dream vacation or paying off a home loan, our platform enables you to set and track your financial objectives with ease.

Access this complimentary tool by selecting the Insights link in the left navigation of your new online banking platform.

1. For Mobile Banking, tap the menu icon in the top left corner of your Dashboard.

2. Navigate to Spending Habits.

3. Welcome to RiverWood's Insights, where you can initiate the setup of budgets, spending targets, and goals.

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